Question: Can I eat more if I’m doing a 5K every day?

5K race from 2005

There’s different intensities at which to do a 5K. If you’re walking hand-in-hand with a toddler, yeah, probably not going to burn it up out there enough to eat at the athletes’ training table.

But if you’re doing your 5K at a sprint, it is an athletic workout for sure. An even more difficult way, one to try, is a Tabeta run — requires a very high level of fitness — you’d for example run for 15 seconds at a pace faster than you ever thought you could run, then back it down to a sustainable running pace for a bit, then back to the super fast run, over and over. Talk to your doctor first of course.

You can see — the intensity of the exercise increases the caloric expenditure hugely. Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Mode are the factors to use. What I personally do is go basically from how killed I feel when I finish. If I can barely climb the stairs or it hurts to comb my hair  I add a protein serving. Lean protein is quite low in calories, 4 calories per gram of protein, so you’re not going to kill your eating plan. And it helps with your ability to bounce back the next day and do it again.


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