Question: Why is counting calories not accurately working for me this week?

Counting calories accurately is not possible if you are eating food. A tomato from your garden is calorically not the same as one from the store. An August tomato has a different number of calories than a February tomato. A banana has more of digestible sugar calories every day of ripeness until it goes bad. A Florida avocado does not have the same number of calories as a California avocado. Packaged food and restaurant food calorie counts are not essentially accurate, they’re based on average number of grams of protein, carb and fat in the food (protein and carb are 4 calories per gram and fat is 9 calories per gram).

Counting calories is a good thing as long as you realize you will not lose a statistically identical  amount of weight each week to the statistical amount of your deficit.

Oddly enough, over MONTHS the amount of caloric deficit does predict weight loss quite well.  Perhaps all the highs and lows in your measurement balance out pretty well.

Don’t be in this for This Week.  Be it it for the lifestyle and for your life.


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