Why weight loss fails

Taking out the outliers — where weight loss fails because of medical issues including eating disorders, people fail at weight loss more than they succeed.  In our limited experience here, it is not that those who fail are lazy, uninformed, immature, untruthful or spineless.

It’s not that they can’t help it.  It’s that it was not yet their time to succeed — their time when they realized internally that the Later benefit of having lost the weight was better than the Right Now benefit of eating whatever they want to eat.  Until that clicks in, nothing they do is going to result in long term weight loss.  Once this realization that this Later satisfaction is more important than the Now satisfaction, there is no stopping them.


Almost all those who were successful had previously come from the massive ranks of those who failed.  Hardly anybody gets this right the first time.

The way through?

The most common success factor is IMITATION OF THE SUCCESSFUL.  They find someone they like, who did a great job and follow that same path.  It’s why weight loss companies use celebrity endorsers; we feel like they seem like people we could like, so we trust what they did.  This is also why book written by successful losers, and TV shows about successful losers, have helped lots of people get it done.

Second most common success factor we see is REBELLING AGAINST THE LIKELIHOOD OF THEIR OWN POTENTIAL EARLY DEATH.  Maybe one of the best services a doctor can do for you is to scare the belly off you.  Yet it’s amazing that many doctors won’t go there.  Honestly many of those who are uncomfortable going there, THINK this about you and just aren’t comfortable going nose-to-nose with you until you ASK them to give it to you straight.

Third would becoming completely SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED.  Realizing that what they have always done,  is not going to work, it will only get them more of the results they’re not wanting.  And they need something else.  So they can find someone, or some plan that they know they can follow, and/or they enlist a truly kind medical professional who helps them past the scary future that was awaiting them if they did not change.

How about you?  Those who succeed come from the ranks of those who have failed repeatedly, almost every time.  Do not give up.  Sometimes you have to start down a path before you can see if it’s your successful path.  Along the way to making something great you may lay a few eggs.  Or break a few eggs, whichever metaphor you like best.  Other times you need to spend that time in  focusing more and more on your reasons for starting, your reasons for failing before, and the overall plan that physically eliminates the possibility of failing.  How you do it is up to you, but don’t feel bad if you need a restart, and don’t quit until you get where you’re going.



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