Help, I can’t eat all the food my diet asks me to eat

Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe

From a nice lady who needs to eat four servings of vegetables, three of proteins, and three of unrefined carbs per day …

Let’s look at it this way.   You’re obese now, and getting larger.  So you’re eating more calories than you need.

Your new food plan is substantially fewer calories than you are eating right now.   Less food.  But with more trouble eating it.

Our first guess is that it’s way easier to slide a couple Big Macs down the food hole than it is to prepare and eat real food which is, or once was, alive (which is the definition of real food:  something that lived).

So it’s not that you can’t eat that many calories, it’s just that you’re getting used to a whole new way of whole eating and it will take some time till you feel as great as your daily intake looks.  Hang in there.


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