Help, I don’t have time to eat at work and then I come home starving

New York's workaholics

Thanks for the question, from a lady who is really important at her work, and just doesn’t have time to eat at all all day because she is just running from meeting to meeting all day.

Look.  Let me be the one to break it to you.  You are not nearly as essential to your employer as you think you are.  They got along OK before you, and if you die today they would get along OK without you.

In the special case wherein you are the OWNER of the company — woe is you if you have not surrounded yourself with people who can effectively, completely run the place without you.  What were you thinking you would do if you ever have to be away from work for several weeks because of an emergency?  Figure it out, today.

You are Important and you do Urgent work but it is not Essential work.  Essential work keeps the wheels on your own life.  Eating right is Essential.  Starting tomorrow, take some time off mid-day for yourself.  Get out of the environment.  Eat.  Recover.  You will be much more productive the rest of the day.  The people you are in meetings with all day, probably already take time off for lunch.   Don’t you schedule any lunch meetings, and don’t accept lunch meetings unless you can move your You time around to accommodate it.


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