A plug .. per my physician’s request

I know I was proud of the day I started; I thought this was the greatest day of my life because, by God, I was going to do something about my fat behind.

— Terry Bradshaw, speaking about NutriSystem


My personal physician called this morning, to remind me that my LDL cholesterol is very directly tied to my weight, so I can either do Lipitor or not gain any weight, whichever I want.  He’d been tweaked by something or another here and just wanted to remind me to keep my a$$ moving.

Well said.

Anyway … he wants me to plug two things.

NutriSystem.  My personal feeling is that it’s good to use to establish a reality of opinion on how much food you need, and if you continue to sway, there’s no better stop to that than to be limited to a  particular food course which you know you won’t be in danger for.

Insanity DVD’s.  This is far and away the best exercise program for home use, and it will kick you to the curb over and over again.  You may need to go through it once at whatever level you can muster, and then do it again for reals.  It is hard.  It is super long. You will have times you don’t know if you can get out of bed, let alone go to work.  It is da bomb.



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