Lean Cuisine – Chicken with Lasagna Rollatini review

Well now here’s a surprising thing.  You have to take into consideration the usual freezer diet meal caveats that are not ever surprising:

It looks nothing like the picture on the box. The fried coating on the chicken is pretty thin and transparent.  The lasagna is flatter.

It is a very small serving.

Plus in this case, the reason there’s a sprig of basil or something on the photo is because there’s no vegetation inside, so you’ll need to supplement this to make it a complete meal.

But in this case, there’s a pleasant surprise.  The chick is pounded thin, or at least is a good approximation of that.  The pasta is ok.  The sauce is ok.  The overall impression it leaves you with is, hey, that was ok, I wish there was more of it.

Thus the need for you to add as many vegetables as you can, to make it a nice little meal.  We’ll give it a B+.  Would have been an A if it had some green vegetable as a side.

By the way, rollatini usually refers to thin slices of eggplant, like in eggplant parmesan.  Which is a great and not very difficult dish, in my humble opinion.

Also by the way, apparently this food concept is a real thing, here’s a recipe for the real thing: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-network-kitchens/chicken-parmesan-rollatini-recipe/index.html



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