Personal update

Just a quick update for those who know me personally.

I’m a numbers guy and an IT guy.  For the past long time I was the principal IT architect for the largest electric company in the US.  They centralized IT elsewhere.  I moved to being the IT architect of what became the largest propane company in the US.  They centralized IT elsewhere.  It’s a pattern.

During all this time I was doing consulting on the side for two consulting companies in the health care industry.  Statistics, surveys, special audits, HIPAA, data-crunching web sites, whatever.

Just recently I switched over to doing that full time, largely from home, with client visits here and there, short but interesting travel.  And I work for two companies instead of three, which is a major reliever of daily transportation shuffle.   And I get to work almost entirely with regular, non-IT people, which is refreshing.  Much less ADHD and much more warm-and-fuzzy.  Senior Health Care Consultant.  Cool.

What this means immediately for this blog is I now have time to kick off blog posts.  And it shows up in the blog statistics.  June traffic was double May’s traffic.  Some of our posts were read by several thousand people, with a core group of several hundred people.  Plus call-outs from Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media sites. Cool.  Last week was our third highest traffic week ever, right behind the week of the NutriSystem flogging and the week of the torching of the entire McDonald’s breakfast menu — and it was just  a normal week, not a week of criticizing any industrial food empires.    Extra cool.



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