What does it mean when I keep going off my diet?

English: Typical Atkins diet meal

Let’s break this one down to its two obvious extremes.  You on a Diet, You off a Diet.   The only two commonalities are You, and The Diet.


SO …

Either the diet is not you, or the diet IS you, but you are not the You you intend to be, yet.

Either the diet is next to impossible for you to keep up with — in which case,  you can change it.

Or You are not yet up to the point of really wanting to stick with it long enough to get where you want to go.  You want to go there, you just don’t want it enough to sacrifice short term comfort to get long term gain.  Yet.  Maybe you will later.  Hope so.  Till you want it enough to stay with the process, you may as well not start the process.


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