Tea and coffee lower BP | theheart.org

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Presenting the data on 176 437 subjects aged 16 to 95 years of age who had a checkup at their center between 2001 and 2011, Pannier explained that the analysis was simply based on a questionnaire asking participants how much coffee or tea they drank per day. Individuals were classified into three groups: those who drank no coffee/tea, those who drank one to four cups, and those who drank more than four cups.

Overall, coffee is consumed more frequently than tea, although there were differences between the sexes, said Pannier. Men were more likely to drink coffee, while women were more commonly tea drinkers. Coffee consumption was also significantly associated with tobacco consumption, higher cholesterol levels, and higher scores on stress and depression indexes. Tea consumption, on the other hand, was associated with lower cholesterol levels but similarly high scores on the stress and depression measurements.

via Tea and coffee lower BP | theheart.org.

Here it is … finally a study with a very large sample size that links higher amounts of tea and coffee consumption to lower blood pressure.

Whoops, though.  Turns out that big coffee/tea drinkers also tend to have higher cholesterol (let me guess, they’re heavier and aren’t as strict in their dietary discretion) and they tend to be stressed out and often are smokers to boot.

Choose your poison.


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