What’s the fastest way to lose weight?

Have a couple weeks to lose several pounds?  Or several months to make a really deep cut? Here’s a sane solution.


  1. Set a goal.  Look up the number of calories it takes to sustain the weight you WANT to be.  First , Google up a Body Mass Index calculator and see what you would weight if you were right in the middle of Normal.  Now Google up a Basal Metabolic rate calculator and see how many calories you need to eat to stay at that weight.   Add 10% if you’re mildly active, all the way up to 40% if your all-day job is extremely physically difficult.  There’s your daily caloric intake.    Stay above 1500 calories (women) to 1800 calories (men) per day unless you’re seeing a doctor quite regularly for weight loss assistance.  Whatever you do, have your doctor approve what you’re doing.
  2. Count calories.  Stop when you’re done for the day.
  3. Eat specifically.  Protein, vegetables, and if you’re doing well with the weight loss, fruit.  If you do this step really well, you can pretty much dispense with #2, calorie counting.  If you dip into other foods often, you’ll have to count calories, no exceptions.
  4. Move your butt.  Whenever you can.  It’s hard to eat while you’re out walking the dog.  30 minutes a day of intentional exercise, and whatever other kinds of movement you can produce the rest of the day.  Movement produces optimism.  Being outdoors produces optimism.  Moving, especially outdoors, is an actual anti-depressant.
  5. Hang out with people who look like you want to.  Not exclusively, of course, but enough to know what they are doing.
  6. Track.  What gets measured, gets done.

How long to continue?  Till you get where you’re going, and then since you’re eating just enough to sustain that (refer to #1), just continue that right on out.


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