Are some foods bad?

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The effect of a vegetarian diet in this study was “pretty modest,” Eckel said. The more extreme diet—the vegan diet—did not appear to add additional benefits.Most nutritional experts “agree that diets should limit added sugars and sugary drinks, refined grains, and large amounts of saturated and trans fats, [and healthy diets should include] substantial amounts of fruits and vegetables [and] whole grains, legumes, and nuts,” Baron writes. “Achieving these goals trumps the more narrow goals of whether to include moderate amounts of dairy, eggs, fish, or even meat.”Eckel agrees. “We need to get away from this good food/bad food ” concept, he said. The overall diet is what is important. “Is some red meat or saturated fat in a diet appropriate? I think so. Its just a matter of how much.”

via Vegetarian diet linked to longer life in American Adventists |

Let’s restate a bit.  Going vegan may increase your lifespan slightly, but going to a more healthy diet can lead to fewer issues as you age,  thereby increasing your lifespan and your overall quality of life tremendously.

What’s good?  You already know.  Eat real food, mostly plants, just enough quantity to be satisfied.  Adding in some meat and even some treats is going to make that lifestyle much more pleasant for many people, and that will increase your compliance, so it’s good.


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