How to speed up routine grocery shopping

grocery aisle

Sometimes when you go, you have all the time you need and you’re planning to see what’s new and different.  Other times you need to get in and out, then get on with your day.

Here’s a good little plan:

1. Make a shopping list, categorized by which grocery aisle they are in.  You can accomplish this quickly by asking for a store layout map of your favorite grocery.

2. Fresh produce first. Anything particularly in season, if you will use it, buy it.

3. Then hit your list.  If you’re in a time crunch, there’s no need to go down aisles you don’t need something from.

4. If you’re losing weight or are saving money:  If it’s not on your list, it doesn’t go in the cart.  You can modify this part to fit your needs.

5. The checkout line with the fewest carts is often the fastest, because the money transaction takes longer than scanning groceries.


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