How to know if something is important

English: Kate Blood's Obituary

An obituary

Ever read an obituary?  Sure.

Ever seen any of the following things in there?

  • She turned in every work project on time
  • She really worked a lot of overtime
  • He really played a lot of video games
  • He took an incredible number of naps and was always well-rested
  • He kept a clean house

Probably not.

Because those things are not important enough to make that 100, or 200, or even 500 words that summarize your life.

Now there’s a thought. What, among all the things you’re doing this year, are important enough to include in your final public documentation, your obituary?

It might even be useful to write your own obituary, to see this play out.  It certainly won’t include how much you have in the bank, how good your yard looks this year, or even what you weigh.  What will it include?  Family, your children, your church … the ways you gave back.

Spend your time on things that will matter after you’re gone.


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