Amys Mexican Casserole Bowl review

I’m totally sold on Amy’s.  Everything they make is good, and some of their items, like this one, are so good you actually look forward to eating them.

You could make this  yourself at home, with a bit less sodium, so use this kind of meal for its intended purpose — an away microwave meal or as a drive-thru-avoidance frozen item to have at home for those times when your other choice would be ordering from a speaker in a clown outside your car window.

We definitely encourage the suggested addition of an ear of corn on the side, by the way.

Cheesy.  Mexican flavor.  Gluten free.  You’ll not wish there was meat in this.  This one earns an A.  It would be an A+ if not for the 780 mg of sodium, which puts it into the Sometimes category.




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