How to Cook Corn Without Shucking: 7 Steps – wikiHow

Too many pieces of husked corn to shuck and not enough time? Here’s a way to get around spending endless time shucking corn. All you will need is a microwave, oven mitts, cutting board and a sharp knife to get around this arduous task.

via How to Cook Corn Without Shucking: 7 Steps – wikiHow.

It’s corn season … and my family wants some every day, after the long winter of frozen bagged corn.

Stumbled across this super, super easy way to get corn done in five minutes in the nuke box plus, I promise, just about 10 seconds per ear to husk and clean.  No more scrubbing or picking out the silk, because if you take them out backwards, they all come sliding out as one continuous piece.


Click the link for instructions — the easy version is to nuke it in the husks, uncleaned, for 5 minutes, then cut off the stalk end up to the first couple rows of kernels.  You can do this with a table knife once it comes out of the nuker.

Then slip the ear right out like pulling a banana out of the peel.

Could it be we’ve been eating corn a more difficult way all this time?


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