So, is salt intake important, or not?

Salt shaker, transparent background

Studies  go back and forth on this.  There;’s widespread consensus that a sodium intake far above 2500 mg/day is directly, physically tied to high blood pressure.  It’s the way you work.

What’s not as clear is whether a very LOW intake, 500-1500 mg/day is beneficial.

Clearly if you are at any elevated degree of heart or circulatory risk, yes.  For everyone else, hard to say.  Maybe yes, maybe not so much.

But here;s the rub.  2500 mg/day is not much; if you eat packed food or fast food, you’re not going to make that.

So we’re back where we’ve been since we started this blog.  Limit your sodium intake.  If you have heart issues or a family history of heart issues, systematically reduce your salt intake.  You don’t have to go so low your food is tasteless and bland and you have serious trouble sticking with the restriction.  But do be aware of your intake, and talk to your doctor about what a reasonable intake is.


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