Will a frappuccino a day hurt my diet results?

English: Starbucks Japan - Sakura Frappuccino ...

Thanks for the question from an in-person counselee — asked with a curious little laugh that let me know you were pretty sure the answer is Yes.

Yes, the answer is yes.

A grande frappe is 400+ calories …. subtract the whipped cream and it’s 370 but, hey, a frap, no-whip, tastes like a mixture of coffee, milk, sugar, and ice crystals, heavy on the ice crystals. Which is pretty much what it is.

You could go down to a tall frappe, sugar free, light, and get down near 100 calories.  But it won’t taste the same.  At all.  At all, at all.   And here’s the rub. If you go into your food plan substituting really sad imitations for every one of your favorite indulgences, it’ going to be a sad experience.

What to do?  Allow me to suggest that maybe you’d like black coffee if you drink it for awhile.  Myself, I like black coffee with a squirt of honey and some whole milk. It’s good!  Actually I like it better than a frappe which I always thought tasted like a coffee slushie anyway.

Try your very hardest to IMPROVE your taste experiences while you’re losing weight, an you’ll be much better off.  After a few weeks of training your taste buds for the natural amount of sweetness and flavors  in foods, foods you never noticed before will just literally explode with flavor in your mouth.  I promise,


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