Bariatric-surgery long-term metabolic results

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Vienna, Austria – A fourth of patients with type 2 diabetes who underwent bariatric surgery for obesity showed metabolic remissions at six years, another 25% had partial remissions, and both rates were higher among those getting Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, in the recent four-year “real-world” experience of a major US center [1]. Both weight-loss and metabolic results were consistently better after gastric bypass than after other types of bariatric surgery, with Roux-en-Y bypass achieving a 27% rate of “cure” as defined by an American Diabetes Association ADA consensus statement [2], according to a report here at the Prediabetes and the Metabolic Syndrome 2013 Congress.Given that <20% of US type 2 diabetics achieve goals for HbA1c, blood pressure BP, and LDL cholesterol, the experience suggests bariatric surgery “induces a significant and sustainable remission” in obese patients with diabetes “and should be considered early in the course of the disease,” said Dr Philip Schauer Cleveland Clinic, OH in his presentation. Indeed, overall, the earlier in their disease patients underwent the surgery, the better their response.

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Now here’s the deal.  Let’s say you’re obese and you have Type 2 diabetes.  People who have bariatric surgery have the NOT VERY ROSY prognosis of only having a 25% chance of still having full remission of the Type 2 in six years, and another 25% of being somewhat better.  But HALF of the bari surg patients don’t get long lasting relief from that.

On this basis, being fat would have a  worse treatment prognosis than having cancer.

Somehow we’ve gone into painting beautifully rosy pictures that bari surgery fixes obesity and  its consequences. It may, it may not, because the problem was not your stomach to begin with.  

Shrinking the size of your stomach does not permanently shrink your desire to overeat.

HOWEVER, changing your life, can be a totally permanent thing.  Guanteed.  Non-surgical.  Feels great, looks great!  Go do.


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