British 5:2 diet craze heads to the US

You fast for two days of the week, but not completely—you eat one-fourth of your typical daily calories , roughly 500 calories for women, 600 calories for men—and eat what you desire the remaining five days. The rewards for your efforts are incredible weight loss and a reduced appetite, according to the diets proponents. Other perks, they say, include living longer, looking younger, and even warding off dementia.

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The #1 book on tonight is one of several on the topic of the 5:2 diet.  Eat whatever you want five days out of the week, and eat 500-600 calories the other two days.

Does it work?

It’s not really something you’re going to be all that into for years and years, so any weight you lose this way is going to be short term oriented and you’re going to need ANOTHER plan to keep it off.

It’s not really going to work if you end up eating “anything you want” 5 days out of 7, if what you want to eat has made you obese.  If obese people had control of when to hit the brakes, they wouldn’t be obese in the first place.

Is it harmful? For certain conditions, for certain people, yes. Not for others, as it’s still got some food coming in.

What’s better than this?   Take that food you’d be eating, and distribute it rather evenly from day to day, and you come up with a lower food intake then you’re using to stay obese.  Now add to that some exercise so you feel good afterwards.  Powerful stuff!


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