Over 40? Go easy on the extreme workouts

Ditch your 90-minute weight-room grinds for shorter sessions. Don’t stress muscles to the point of failure. And protect your shoulders by using dumbbells versus straight bars, he advises.

“We shouldn’t work out with the same ferocity as we did when we’re 25,” says Schickendantz. “You don’t want to be the biggest guy in the gym any more. You want to be the oldest guy in the gym.”

via Over 40? Go easy on the extreme workouts, dude – Health – Men’s health | NBC News.

Let’s be careful with definitions here. They guy is not saying you need to switch over to just treadmill and couch bike the  second you turn 40.  Rather — if you’ve been an extreme athlete, reaching incredible feats of strength and endurance, you may want to let up a bit, knowing that recovery takes longer as you age.

Definitely when you’re working out, make optimum use of your time by cycling up and down in intensity right almost to the top of what you can do.  It simulates real work, and the absence of  real physical work  is part of what causes us to get fatter even though we eat pretty reasonably.  Just give yourself the grace to realize what the limit is,  whatever your personal limit is, and never work above that.


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