A breath test might show it’s not your fault you’re fat?

Two mice; the mouse on the left has more fat s...

The team tested 792 volunteers, dividing them into four groups – those with “normal” levels of gases in their breath, those who had more methane than average, those who breathed out more hydrogen than average and those who produced extra amounts of both methane and hydrogen.Those in the last group, exuding the highest concentrations of both hydrogen and methane, also had higher body mass indexes or BMI, the standard measure of height to weight that doctors use to determine obesity. They also had more body fat than the others.

via A breath test might show it’s not your fault you’re fat – The Body Odd.

We really hate to burst their cute little not-my-fault bubble on this.  Really, really do.

But it’s just hanging there waiting for somebody to do it.

They didn’t check to see if the obese people were eating more than the thin people.

Blink. Blink blink. Really?

Yup.  The largest single predictor of body weight.  The amount that goes in the pie hole is the single best predictor of what you weigh, and it was overlooked.  Maybe, just maybe, people who eat more, weigh more.  Come back with another study, controlled for dietary intake and amount of physical activity, and then see if it still holds true that gassy people still weigh more, even though they don’t eat more.  Because until then, all you’ve proven is that people who eat a lot, might be gassy, and we know that already.


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