Lara Bars overall review

Yes!  Two thumbs up.   If I had ten thumbs, they’d all be up.

They’re made from minimal ingredients, all of which are either fruits, nuts, there’s no added dairy/soy, some have spices and a couple have chocolate chips without added dairy/soy. That’s it.  That’s all.

Cashew cookie is dates and cashew’s.  That’s all.  The dates are both the sweetener and the binder.

Carrot cake is the fruits and nuts you’d put in carrot cake, with dates as both the sweetener and binder.

Peanut butter is peanuts and dates and a minimal amount of salt.   PB&J gets cherries on top of that.  PB Chocolate gets some chips.

You get the idea by now.

That’s all there is. They’re not cooked or processed other than making them into small enough bits to fit together, then pressing them into a bar shape.  They taste great.  They fill you up.  They can go in the freezer, they can heat up, they won’t melt in your pocket on a long hike in the summer, they won’t get rock hard in your snow jacket. Everything in these, you can buy in bulk, unmodified, right in your grocery.  No weird. Just good.

$1.25 each on Amazon Subscribe and Save.  $1.40 or so retail.  You can find copycat recipes online, but honestly I like these people’s style and I like the convenience of having them packaged in shelf stable form already.

You may be saying, but wait, I eat a bar to get more protein. Here it comes, are you ready for it?  Stop trying to get your protein from a bar. It costs a fortune, and you’re likely far over your usable daily intake of protein anyway.  Even for weight lifters and fitness competitors.  If you follow us here, you’ll know our frequently stated rule of thumb: supplement with food, not products.  It works much better and costs much less.  And especially in this case, it tastes a lot better!




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