It’s spring, so restaurant foods get lighter

A Cracker Barrel location in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Several interesting changes coming for this spring from the chain restaurants, but the one from this article that really sings to me is:

Cracker Barrel, known for its Southern comfort foods such as fried chicken and sugar-cured ham, is testing Wholesome Fixin’s for possible launch this summer.  According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, breakfast meals will pack less than 500 calories and lunch/dinner meals less than 600.  The paper cited Davenport & Co. analyst Jeff Omohundro for the menu candidates:  a 300-calorie grilled catfish with seasoned pecan crust, brushed with orange marmalade, and served with roast vegetables; a 360-calorie baked chicken breast, dressed in buttermilk and coated with cornflake crumbs; a 390-calorie breakfast sandwich off eggs and Colby cheese on whole wheat flat bread, with fresh fruit on the side.

Rejoice, my friends, you no longer have to be a barrel shaped Cracker to enjoy a great meal at Cracker Barrel.

Got to say, it’s already more than possible.  The non-breaded catfish is better than good, and the bowl of greens is a lunch that’s just Da Bomb. Even on the breakfast menu, it’s all in what you order.

via Supermarket Guru – It’s spring, so restaurant foods get lighter.

Check out the soap opera drama below from Kraft, who owns the words Cracker Barrel as a brand of cheese.

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