Burger King Turkey Burger review

Burger King, Cosenza, Italy

This company is hard to figure out.  They go up with the turkey burger and the nonfat latte (more on that drink later) at the same time they come out with cheese stuffed tater tots and cheese stuffed meat patties.  Guess they’re trying to cover all the bases from health to el grande.

To taste test the turkey burger, we followed our usual practice:  a taste of the whole product followed by a taste of each ingredient.

The whole thing:  hmm.  This tastes sort of like some kind of sandwichloaf. It feels like there’s meat in there but it doesn’t taste like there’s meat in there.  Definitely missing the characteristic char Burger King imparts.  We saw it being dug out of a bin, partly cooked, and put through their usual meat thing for what turned out to be 2 minutes of waiting.  Which, by the way, is the name of the game at the burger king.  Our #1 tip for this chain: ASK FOR YOUR FOOD TO BE MADE WHILE YOU WAIT, and tell them you don’t mind waiting for freshly cooked meat instead of partly cooked and then finished out.

Now separately.

The meat:  Tastes a little bit like turkey, looks and feels sort of like Subway compressed chicken parts.

The bread:  very sugary.  Why do we put so much sugar in everything?  Because you like it.

The condiments:  whole lot of mayo-ketchup slurry I should have asked for it without.

The veggies:  Not bad, really.

Overall:  If you’re going to have Burger King, let me recommend either a Whopper or Whopper Jr, extra veggies, in lettuce for the bun.  It actually tastes pretty good.  The grilled chicken is better than decent too.  Skip the turkey burger.  Nearly as many calories as the Whopper, and no discernible taste other than condiments and bread,  We’ll give it a B-.


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