Should I take resveratrol?

A chemical in red wine, resveratrol is thought to possible decrease glucose sensitivity, prevent heart disease, and prolong the time you get to spend before your advancing age starts to lead to health issues.

It’s a $30 million a year business already after a couple of very theoretical studies of blood chemistry that show some effect on proteins thought to influence health in general.

Only problem are that there has been no indication it actually does anything, even if you’re having all the resveratrol you’d get from 8 liters of red wine a day. Here’s a helpful link to a summary.

We would add– people from red wine cultures used to live longer, but it now appears that it’s because those cultures also resisted the introduction of junk food, and they tended to eat mostly plants, and walk places and get a lot of exercise just in the course of daily life. As those cultures modernize, those benefits go away.

So for your supplement dollars … Eat real food and supplement that with more exercise. Those are well proven ways to get the promised results of resveratrol.


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