Coconut oil

Here’s something new to me, perhaps not to you. We’d habitually not purchased anything containing processed coconut oil– it’s what you use to quickly raise the cholesterol level of lab rats, and I don’t need any of that.

But unprocessed coconut oil is pretty interesting to us. It is chemically different, and while it is still very high in fat, it’s a shorter chain fat that’s more (perhaps) healthful, comparable to using fish oil.

So far we’ve found it makes really good popcorn, is a nice hair and skin conditioner, and tastes surprisingly good by itself or as a spread. Sort of like vanilla cream with a little coconut aroma. You can fry with it, very carefully, and it’s really good rubbed on the outside of sweet potatoes before you bake them.

Go easy on it and don’t see it as a miracle cure, and you’ll find it is a natural alternative to many different processed oils and personal care products.


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