If you are diabetic, will your children be too?

Let’s distinguish right off between:

  • Type 1, often called Juvenile diabetes because that’s when it often first manifests, wherein your pancreas is low-functioning or non-function and there is little or no insulin production taking place.  That’s about 10-15% of diabetics.
  • Type 2, a completely separate disease that’s in 85% of people directly related to weight and diet, wherin there’s a large supply of insulin and the body has become less efficient at its uptake.

For Type 1 diabetes, 40% of Americans carry the genetic contingencies, but  you have to have the right genetics in both your parents, and even then, Type 1 does not always run in families, at all.  There are other, largely unknown factors at work.  It’s not familial enough to be considered a genetically transmitted disease.  It can be, but it’s often not.

Type 2 diabetes, if it’s weight related, DEFINITELY RUNS IN FAMILIES because you tend to be about as big as, or bigger than, your parents.  It’s not being passed along as such; the related lifestyle is being learned.  You’re literally teaching your children the required over-eating and under-exercise that’s necessary to be fat.



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