Will a paleo diet help me lose weight faster?

Disclaimer:  I am personally having a good deal of success with this type of food plan.

Answer:  You will have success on this, or any food plan, to the extent to which you commit to the required changes.

You don’t have to be 100% with your commitment, but you have to have enough commitment that you zoom your life in on accomplishing your weight loss goal, if you want to lose weight.  Paleo living (real-world exercise combined with eating very few starches or refined carbohydrates)  was actually the first modern formally proposed food plan, since the late 1800’s.  Generations of people lost weight by skipping the breads and the desserts for awhile before this plan became popular and more codified.

But it’s just a plan.  It’s not weight loss.  Weight loss happens when you follow through with the commitments you’ve made to yourself.  Lifelong weight loss comes from working your plan into your lifestyle.


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