10 Ridiculous Things Dieters Say

The next time one of these phrases rolls off your tongue, it may be time to check your attitude—and diet— at the door

via Why You Can’t Lose Weight | Fitbie.

Eight of these ten, we’re completely fine with.  I take some exception to #3, encouraging the eating of white potatoes.  An occasional spud is a good thing, if you can skip the highly caloric toppings.  A constant supply of potatoes in the diet, in the poor, comes at the expense of other vegetables, and overall in many cultures potatoes come typically mashed with added, less healthy ingredients, or fried — and there’s a glycemic issue for people whose weight loss success is sensitive to higher GI foods.

#4, encouraging us to go ahead and eat late in the day, only works for people w ho  don’t have a problem with night time dietary indiscretion.    It’s generally ok for many people and generally an issue for others.

So … the rest of the ten — are golden.  You can’t exercise enough to be able to eat everything you can fit in your stomach, you should be aware of the caloric load you’re inducing with your food choices,  all the rest — definitely worth a click-through to read the original article.


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