How can I motivate myself to exercise?

Great question. Your answer will vary depending on what motivates you.  Here’s some thing that we’ve found to be generally motivating:

  1. Get real.  You aren’t in the Olympics.  Start real, with what you can do today and then do again tomorrow.  Then tomorrow, do what you did today plus just a little more.
  2. Compete against yourself.  Compete against that guy you were last week who couldn’t climb this many flights of stairs, or lift this many pounds. You are the only fair comparison to  you.
  3. Don’t just go through the motions to get your calorie burn in.  Choose some real thing and being in training for it.
  4. Work on your exercise goals nearly every day.
  5. Sore is OK.  Hurt, is not OK.  Know the difference.
  6. Do fun things, or at least things you find to be more than a little bit compelling.

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