Vitamin D Loss Attributed to Obesity

“The findings suggest that a higher BMI leads to lower levels of vitamin D circulating in the body, while a lack of vitamin D has only a small effect on BMI …Previous studies have linked vitamin D deficiency with obesity, but it wasn’t clear whether a lack of vitamin D triggered weight gain or whether obesity led to vitamin D deficiency, the study authors noted”

via Vitamin D Loss Attributed to Obesity – Health – MSN Healthy Living.

That’s quite a mouthful of a quote, so let’s break it down.  It’s already established that obese people are more likely to be vitamin D deficient, and vitamin D is essential for bone development.  Also it’s widely observed that obese people tend to have skeletal issues usually attributed to hauling your heavy weight around on a skeleton meant for a much lower weight.  But now there may be more to it.  Vitamin D transport through the body appears to be negatively affected by being fat, to the point of being a true issue for large people.

One more reason to lose the fat.


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    Just when you thought, due to living in the Northern hemisphere, it was a challenge to get all your Vit D. Just another reason to loose the extra pounds. Is it time to RESET with High Voltage Health?????


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