Should I object to my friends’ doing Paleo?

English: vegetables

Just to recap, Paleo eating is basically:

1. No grains

2. No dairy

3. Heavy on fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.

4. Exercise like real work.


So let’s take the health issues raised by each, individually.


4.  That’s great!

3. That’s super!

2.  No problem!  Most of the world’s adult population is lactose intolerant.  We’re the only mammal which drinks milk after childhood.  There are substitutes.  The plants will help with the vitamin A and sunshine will help with the vitamin D.

1.  The grains thing is the only point of contention you’re likely to find.   You need fiber.  Whole grains have fiber.  So do green vegetables.  You need B vitamins.  So do vegetables.

What we’d suggest for anyone doing Paleo diet is to supplement with a natural multivitamin, and consider supplemental fiber especially if they’re having BM issues.   The average American is so long on protein and carbs and so short on fiber already, it’s a reasonable practice for anybody.

So in short, there’s not a big reason to object to Paleo.   YMMV but I find it to be a completely acceptable and even beneficial approach.



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