Fundamentals of Human Nutrition | Coursera

University of Maryland to Offer Four Free Cour...

Fundamentals of Human Nutrition | Coursera.

How’d you like to take a college-level class in nutrition for free?  We’ve blogged before on the excellent audio-based courses available via UC Berkeley.  But there’s more.

Coursera, a rapidly expanding source of free college-level classes, has one too, and it’s video-based.  It’s presently free because they haven’t worked out, to date, any way to get college credit for it. But you can tell by the platform that a partially or totally online college experience is on its way.

You can benefit from this right now by signing up for a class.  You can do so at different levels — just for understanding, or you can participate in posted discussions and take quizzes and get a certificate as a result, or you can do that plus complete a project and get a very pleasant sounding certificate With Distinction.


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