The names of the Larabars in the grocery aisle are intriguing: many of them are named for familiar baked goods, such as Apple Pie and Banana Bread.  While the names and the gluten-free labeling caught my eye, it was the simple ingredients that made me pick them up for reviewing.For example, the Banana Bread contains almonds, dates, and bananas. Thats it.  Really. When was the last time you read such a short ingredient list on a package? 

via Larabars : Dr. Gourmet Reviews.

High-powered sounding ingredients in nutritional bars are all the rage — and then there’s the super expensive “real food bar” composed of compressed regular foods — and then there’s Larabars, which is real food, reasonably priced, and generally available in stores that sell either of the other kinds of bars.

They’re all tasty.  They’re wholesome, without offensive ingredients you’d never be able to purchase on your own at the grocery store.  And the price is right. Try some.


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