Healthy Choice Roasted Chicken and Potatoes review

I’m not the biggest fan of Healthy Choice, but I’m pleased with this one.  The main idea is to use a specially designed reheating tray that yields an evenly reheated product without over or under-heated portions.  We’re down with that.  It worked.

The real deciding factors, of course, are taste, satiety (how nicely filled you feel), and nutrition.

It tastes good. There’s actual little pearl onions, identifiable bits of rather fresh looking spices, and skin-on red potatoes that taste like skin-on red potatoes.  They don’t taste roasted, like it says on the box, but they do taste like you microwaved them yourself.

As far as satiety, there’s not much food here.  But it’s only 180 calories, so that’s understandable.  There’s plenty of light gravy to use with your own vegetables.  And we recommend you ALWAYS add one to three servings of vegetables with any freezer meal.

Nutritionally it’s not bad at all considering it’s basically meat and potatoes.  Not a rich source of vitamins to speak of.  But also not fatty and a decent amount of protein (16 grams) considering the pretty small ratio of chicken to potatoes.

By itself we’ll give it a B+ …. not filling enough to get you through from lunch till dinner.  But with your own vegetables on the side, we’ll give it an A.


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