Fiber One 80 calorie Chocolate review

Here’s an interesting new breakfast cereal introduction.  Fiber One’s 80 calorie line has been expanded from its initial honey flavor to now include this new chocolate variety.  You’re reading that corectly — a 3/4 cup serving is only 80 calories.  Only 120 calories with skim milk added.

It’s chocolaty, at least a little.  Not like eating a candy bar but  better than tolerable.  On the fullness rating it’s not really enough for breakfast, but you can  add both some fruit and a serving of yogurt and have a nice, easy breakfast.

Part of a cereal’s attraction potential is its snack ability.  The entire BOX of this is just 880 calories, so even several handfulls of this isn’t going to be  out of line, calorically.

Nutritionally, how they get to 80 calories is by ditching the basic wheat/corn / fillers Fiber 1 formula and going with a mix of whole ground corn and some other ingredient just called corn.   5 grams of sugar per serving, the third most prevalent ingredient listed by weight, and this is a very lightweight product.  2 more grams than the honey version, from the addition of  sugar to balance the chocolate.  As far as fiber content, important since fiber is in the product name here, it’s packing 35% of your daily fiber needs covered, per serving.

It’s actually pretty tasty, something pleasant to munch on.  We’ll give it an A- for the sugar content.  Worth trying.


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