Drinking Diet Soda Linked to Depression

English: Sodas and soft drinks at a Supermarket

People who regularly drank four or more cans of any type of soda a day were 30 percent more likely to have received a diagnosis of depression than people who did not drink soda. The risk of depression was especially high for people who drank diet soda — a 31 percent increased risk compared to a 22 percent increased risk for those who drank regular soda, the researchers said.  Those who drank four or more cans of diet fruit drinks were 51 percent more likely to be diagnosed with depression compared to those who did not drink diet fruit drinks.

via Drinking Diet Soda Linked to Depression | LiveScience.

Let’s be clear — no one is claiming that drinking diet soft drinks CAUSES depression.  At this point, what’s been shown in this study is an ASSOCIATION between being depressed and drinking four or more cans of diet soft drinks per day.    Depressed people may, clearly, drink more diet soda.  There is an association, for example, between obesity and depression; also between self-perceived fatness and depression.  Perhaps there’s even a link between low-dose caffeine intake and depression.

Does this mean you should stop drinking diet soda because of this study?  Not necessarily. But is it a good idea to give up diet soda?  The jury is still out, there will be more news forthcoming, so pay attention.  Diet soda may or may not cause an insulin response (there’s studies showing both, with more studies underway), which may or may not make you extra hungry as a result.   In case you’re wondering, there’s definitely not a reason to switch from noncaloric soda to the large number of sugar calories in regular soda.  But do pay attention to what you eat and drink.  Everything you ingest either assists you toward your ultimate goals, or does not.  So pay attention to how things appear to affect you.


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  2. […] Drinking Diet Soda Linked to Depression (notbiganymore.com) […]


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