Gympact !

I rarely 100% love a new product. I very, very rarely recommend something and I almost never participate in giveaways — but this is an exception.

The people at GymPact – a very small staff – have succeeded in producing not only an IOS but an Android version of their software that lets you set a pact for yourself — if you don’t make it to a gym, or go for a 30 minute walk or better, X number of days per week, you pay them $Y per missed day.  If you DO make your pact, you get part of the money from the slackers who don’t make their pact.  As a mobile application developer I can tell you that producing a non-trivial application with GPS integration and an understandable user interface both on Android and IOS is HARD.  But they’ve made it easy.

We’ll be blogging on tech tool integration of GymPact and RunKeeper later, but what I want to share today is that they have a wonderful customer service mentality, and they worked on New Years evening and again this morning just to make sure a glitch I’d been having was worked around successfully. All while they were running their 1 year anniversary Twitter party and being the subject of an admirable amount of articles in several internet and traditional news outlets, along with the resulting online traffic  that brings.  Super example of  a  Customer Care team going way beyond to truly care for their customers!

Here’s a promo code you can use:  “setTimBe”  (without the quotes).  First time you work out, you’ll get an additional $5 credited to your account.  Heh.  Honesty moment:  so will I.  I would not publish this code unless I believed 100% firmly in the value of the product.


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