Does a daily multivitamin help prevent cancer?


Totally missed this when it came out, but a very large and well-organized study of physicians in their 60’s had its report-out in October, and found that a daily Centrum Silver multi-vitamin has absolutely no effect at all other than, for one specific cancer, a slightly lower incidence that was attributable to random chance.

A similar study on fish oil, by the way, had the same result.

Bottom line?  If you are otherwise healthy, there is no supplement that has actually ever been found to be beneficial to you.    The food you eat, on the other hand, has been found to be remarkably predictive of what your health and all-cause longevity are like.  So take that money you were spending on unprescribed vitamins and spend it on healthy food.

You can’t extract a chemical from food and get the value the food would have given you.  Eat your vegetables.  Eat  some fruit.  Repeat.



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