Can we please have one kitchen appliance motor that powers several things?

Some day it will happen. But not yet.

For quite awhile we had an Oster Kitchen Center:

It had attachments for everything imaginable you can do to food.  It did everything, though nothing it did was very well.  Each additional attachment cost less than buying a single-purpose product of that category, so it was pretty OK.  It was my friend through thick and thin, as long as not too thick to seize of the motor and not so thin that it spewed out the top of the blender.  It’s no longer available, though the parts are easily obtainable on eBay..
There is a new entry in the field of everything-machines. Bosch, a very respectable company in the home food preparation industry, has its Universal Plus Kitchen Machine.  It’s sleek, attractive, and expensive.  It also has attachments for every imaginable thing, but the attachments cost a bunch.  A BUNCH.  Though they look pretty sturdy in comparison.  Might be worth a look if you’re just starting out and don’t already have separate products.




I’m sorry but I just have to — this topic reminds me so much of this classic TV bit, I just can’t resist: 


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