Syntha 6 Chocolate Milk Shake Review

Syntha 6 is a tasty, moderately filling product intended for additional supplementation of your diet and not for  sole-source nutrition.  The chocolate version is one of the best chocolate shake flavors we’ve tried — HMR 120 and Myoplex being our all-time favorites in the taste category; we’d put this at least third and perhaps second place.

There’s 28 200-calorie scoops per jar, and the scoop is remarkably big, so you’re going to come in at just a dollar per serving, so if you’re replacing a meal, it’s going to be less expensive than the meal would have been.

It’s chocolate smoothness with water and ice, or you can use one scoop with skim milk and still be lookin’ good on your intake.  Only 2 grams of sugars, as it’s sweetened with sucralose.

It’s not as thick as Myoplex but its feeling of satiation lasts about as long, it comes in a lot more flavors and it’s half the price of many other shakes, so we’re going to give it an “A+”.  Highly recommended, in moderation.


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