Synergistic effect of statins and exercise on mortality risk in dyslipidemia (Or, get out there and exercise, it will magnify the results you’re getting with your high cholesterol pill)

Working Out

“Following a group of veterans with dyslipidemia for an average of 10 years, Dr Peter F Kokkinos Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Washington DC and colleagues show that both statin therapy and increased fitness lower mortality significantly and independently of other clinical characteristics. The study is the first to look at this issue and “offers some unique and clinically relevant information,” they say. “The combination of statin treatment and an exercise capacity of more than 5 [peak metabolic equivalents] METs lowers mortality risk substantially more than either alone.”

via Synergistic effect of statins and exercise on mortality risk in dyslipidemia | (subscription required; alternative links in the related article links below)

This isn’t really earth-shattering news:  people with heart issues who exercise up to an exertion level of 5 metabolic equivalents (five times as much work as being sound asleep) have a much higher survival outcome.

It should be said that being able to do moderate ability is an indication that you’re in better shape; what’s interesting in this study result is that moderate exercise — fast walking, shoveling snow, roller skating — yields amazingly positive health results.

This weekend:  here’s the deal.  Get off the computer and go do something.

Here’s a handy list of activities. Scroll down to 5 METs or more, find some things you can do that you will do, and go do.


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