Weight Watchers Smart Ones Thai Style White Meat Chicken & Rice Noodles Review

I like Thai. I especially like rice noodles. This particular frozen meal is somewhat like chicken Pad Thai, in that the noodles are accompanied by a nice sauce and ground peanuts. The photo on the box looks reasonably like the food inside the box, just maybe not as large a serving. There’s quite an excess of sauce, though frequent readers of our freezer meal reviews know that’s a plus for me because I always want to add a serving of vegetables to get the nutrition up.

The sauce is tasty and there’s actually an interesting amount of semi-mysterious looking leafy seasoning, which added pleasantly to both the taste and aroma.

Like any of these meals, it’s a small serving and needs to be supplemented by veggies; as your lunch you’ll likely want a snack later.  OK, like immediately later.

24% of your daily maximum recommended amount of sodium, a pleasant 60% of your recommended vitamin A, 290 calories.   I’ll give it an A-.  Worth eating.


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