Why does my weight chart keep going up and down

Why does your weight chart keep going up and down?   Because you’re a human being.  What you’re doing today as far as eating and moving won’t have its full work done until two days from now, when the food you ate today is pretty much digested, and the excess calories are stored, or the caloric deficit has caused some fat storage to be converted to energy to make up for the shortfall.  And during that several day period, you’ll have been moving and eating, and drinking liquids and having salt balance adjustments in your hydration level … or your scales are as is typically the case a little inaccurate, and you won’t (sorry!) have pooped or you will have, or if you have periods you may or may not be at whatever stage of your cycle — many, many variables.

So don’t worry about the day to day difference so much.  Don’t adjust too much, don’t sweat too extra much, just keep to your plan as long as your weight chart is looking like the one from this post … up and down like saw teeth maybe, but over a longer period of time, a nice downward slope.  Preferably 1-2 pounds per week over time; preferably while you’re learning to really prepare nutritious meals for yourself, learning some active endeavors you like, and enjoying the company of like-minded people preferably in person, or online.


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