Tasty Bite Vegetable Korma recipe

I have warm feelings about most everything we’ve tried from this long line of Indian food in pouches.  It’s not like going to an Indian sit-down meal, and it’s not quite like going to an Indian buffet line either — both of those  have more butter and cream an are more right-on with the spices.

But it’s good.

This particular meal — think of mixed vegetables in a very mild coconut milk curry — is really nice.  It has much more sauce than vegetables, so I like to mix it with frozen mixed vegetables.  The ones for soup, or just whatever you have on hand.  It’s particularly nice with potato and cauliflowers.  You can put all that over some rice, or eat it with some whole wheat naan, and it’s rally nice.  By itself, it’s more of a soup; still enjoyable, but I’d wish I had more vegetables in there.

Half the pouch is only 160 calories; the whole pouch with about a cup of vegetables makes a nice little.  Note that the whole package puts you at 1/3 of your total sodium intake for the day.

By itself I’ll give this a B; mixed with some mixed vegetables it’s a strong A-.

There’s recipes in the Related articles link today.


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