5-Hour Energy Drinks Cited in 13 Deaths

The federal government and the New York Attorney General’s office are investigating after the Food and Drug Administration received claims that the drink 5-Hour Energy may have led to 13 deaths and 33 hospitalizations over the past four years.

via 5-Hour Energy Drinks Cited in 13 Deaths – ABC News.

There’s concern that since energy shots aren’t consumed hot, there’s a better opportunity for you to have several, and start to see side effects.  Even without drinking several, the effects could exacerbate an existing heart condition, perhaps otherwise an asymptomatic one, and suddenly you’ve gotten into a situation you don’t want.

Not to mention, the caffeine in energy shots is supplemented by one or more of several caffeine analogs like taurine, so you’re getting more stimulant than advertised.

Take caution — it is much better to get enough sleep and/or go for some brief exercise than to reach for a stim.


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