Time to Start Stockpiling Twinkies?

“The baby boomers are desperately trying to lose weight to live longer.  Their echo, Gen Y, is just as desperately trying to not to gain weight,” Little says. “Hostess needs some new or repositioned products to serve these markets.” Sales of Twinkies fell 2% last year from the previous year.Hostess does own the more health-conscious Nature’s Pride bread line, but back in Januar,y when rumors of a forthcoming bankruptcy were swirling, an analyst quoted by the Wall Street Journal said that that too wasn’t selling well.PrivCo estimates that Hostess Brands’ revenue dropped more than half a billion dollars over the past five years and is down to about $2.5 billion. “As Americans both cut back spending on baked goods, as well as began moving to healthier eating options, Hostess was hit harder than its peers as it failed to innovate to offer fresher, healthier baked goods,” Hamadeh says.

via Time to Start Stockpiling Twinkies? Hostess in Limbo as Workers Strike | TIME.com.

People are eating less junk food, or perhaps different junk food, now, and Hostess hasn’t caught the wave.  Between the gluten-free wave, the low-fat wave, the low-carb wave, and the low-calorie wave, Hostess has been the bad guy on all these fronts.

Speaking of which, a surprisingly fascinating read here, is the story of Where a Twinkie comes from.


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