Pepsi Introduces Fat Blocking Soda – ABC News

Soda and healthy aren’t exactly synonymous, but Pepsi-Cola in Japan is trying to change that with a new fiber-infused drink.

Dubbed the “Pepsi Special,” the soft drink set to go on sale Tuesday contains dextrin, a fiber that distributor Suntory claims helps reduce fat levels in the body.

via Pepsi Introduces Fat Blocking Soda – ABC News.

OK here’s the deal.  If you want you some wheat dextrin, eat you some Benefiber.  That’s what it is.  The idea of pairing fiber with soda pop is, at best, contradictory.  Whatever benefit you gain from your food going through your intestines a little faster, you’re going to outweigh by drinking more soda pop.

It’s not available in the US yet.

Fiber is fine.  There are lots of ways to get fiber; plants are the ideal form of fiber because it’s fiber in the presence of vitamins which are apparently best absorbed only in the presence of the plants they come from.  Which is not soda, sorry.


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