Lower-calorie, creamy coffee while you’re losing weight

How to Make Milk Foam (Without a Frother or a Machine!) Kitchen Hacks | The Kitchn.

Do you miss the foamy $4 confections you’re forgoing to lose weight?  Hate the thought of buying yet another single-purpose machine for your kitchen?  You can foam milk  for free in 30 seconds.

We do this at our house so we don’t have to use half and half — so the half and half doesn’t wind up in other  cooking too 🙂  In our case we have a large supply of small canning jars with lids, because I like to play at making condiments, pickles and relishes at home, but you can use whatever you want, as long as it’s some kind of jar with a lid.  An empty jar from your (sugar free, right?) breakfast spread is perfect.

Easy instructions and pretty pictures above.  Basically you pour in some milk, shake it for 30 seconds while singing the Good Morning song (Important!) then take off the lid and nuke till it’s warm.  Pour into your mug, pour in coffee, spoon the cream on top.

Good Morning song included for your convenience:


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